The Video Of This Pinay Bride Goes Viral Because Of Her Unique Carabao-Drawn Bridal Carriage

A wedding is one of the most memorable events that each individual could experience in their life, it has been a very beautiful celebration of love not just for the couple, but also to their relatives and friends.

In present days, many people dream of having the grandest weddings because events like this can happen only once in a lifetime. In fact, to make everything perfect and magical for their special day, all the details of the wedding are being planned for months or even years.

But if you are planning to have a unique wedding without spending too much, then you can also explore as many ideas as you want to make your wedding day extra special.

Just like this bride from one of the provinces in the Philippines. She found a way to make her wedding unique without actually spending too much for her bridal car. While most of the bridal cars from different weddings use sports car or vintage car and other also use a horse-drawn carriage to make their wedding look like a fairy tale.

This bride makes her grand entrance riding a one-of-a-kind bridal carriage which is actually drawn by a carabao. The viral video from Tee Radio has gained over 6 million views as of writing with thousands of netizens were also expressing their amusement over the special bridal car.

While watching the video, you will see that the bride was quite amused in her own version of a “bridal car” and was seen happily riding the carriage. Her unique carabao-drawn carriage comes completely with full decoration and flowers.

The carabaos symbolize hard work and they are considered as the national animal of the Philippines. They are sometimes called as “beast of burden” and they are a common sight in the Philippines, especially in rural provinces where they are used to help with farming. But carabaos are more than just a farmer’s helper in the field, these animals are also helping them to transport goods and carry passengers.

Watch the unique bridal carriage below: