Taho Vendor Walks Around the City to Give Free Taho for Christmas Despite the Rainy Weather

Oh, it’s the season of the year again where we can feel the cold breeze of the air, hear the beautiful melodies of Christmas songs and see the beautiful, twinkling Christmas lights.

It’s the most awaited season of the year and everyone is so excited to receive gifts especially the kids. It is the season where giving, sharing and loving are mostly expressed to your loved ones and to the people who need it.

They say “Christmas is more fun in the Philippines”, maybe because of the delicious delicacies and traditions we practice during this season. It is also amazing to see how people have changed over the years and we can see modern Santa Claus’ who are proving the world that with love we can make the world a better place.

What’s cool with this is that they are not clothed with red velvet clothes or have a white beard and rides the sleight being held by the reindeer. They are just ordinary people with an extraordinary heart.

One of this modern Santa Claus that went viral on the internet is a taho vendor that roams around the City to share what he has. A concerned citizen named Anita Lescano Beato posted a photo of the taho vendor wearing a yellow raincoat one morning on the day of December 23, 2018. She goes out of the house to buy some hot taho which is perfect for the rainy season and also because she pities the man who still works despite the rain.

Anita was surprised when the taho vendor did not accept her payment and told her that he is giving away all the taho he had to all the household around the city especially his “suki” or loyal customers. As per the vendor’s story, it is his way of giving back the love to those people who helped him and buys his product on a daily basis. Because of these people he was able to bring home food to his family and were able to send his children to school.

Anita posted the photo and the story on Facebook to also inspire other that your status in life is not a hindrance if you really want to show love and share blessings to other especially in the season of giving- Christmas.

“Si kuyang magtataho akala ko naglalako kahit na umuulan. Namigay lang pala ng ng taho para pamasko sa mga suki nya… Talagang nag pakahirap sya kahit na umuulan para lang mabigyan ng pamaskong taho ang mga tao. Merry Chistmas kuya… GOD BLESS YOU… #SIMPLENGTAOPEROMAYPUSO”, she captioned in her post.

A lot of netizens where inspired and salute the taho vendor for his noble act of giving. We are hoping he and his family had a wonderful Christmas celebration at home.