‘Solo Flight’ Netizen Go Viral After Posting her Picture as the Only Passenger for Manila Flight

We as humans wanted to experience something new once in a while in our life. We tend to create something they called “the bucket list” which are the things you wanted to do or experience before you leave this world. This has been one of the trends lately and people are enjoying sharing their experiences and how they have checked one item on their bucket list through social media and the internet.

This Christmas season, it is perfect to experience new things, meet new people that will become your friends or just simply share love and joy to others that needed it.

On December 24, 2018, a lady named Louisa Erispe just got surprised to know that she is the only passenger of the Philippine Airlines flight PR 2820 which is from Manila to Davao. She posted a photo of herself being seated alone inside the plane with the empty chairs behind her.

She was quite afraid of what was happening because the setup was so unusual. She started to pray and just trust the Almighty that everything will be alright and she will be home with her family on Christmas day.

She constantly post updates on her social media accounts saying, “Hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin or kung ano dapat kung isipin. I’ll be flying alone tonight sa plane. No other passengers, ako lang.Hehe.Kinakabahan ako.Haha.Ikaw na po bahala Ama”.

Louisa was flying as a solo passenger and her only companion during the trip was the plane crew and the captain. Everything went well and the crews made Louisa not to feel alone while on the flight. She even posted a picture with the flight team and posted a thank you note for having a safe flight saying,

“Kudos to Philippine Airlines nilipad parin ako. The best airline so far. Thank you po Captain Khalil Faustino and the rest of the crew for safe and remarkable trip. God bless po.”

Louisa worked as a news correspondent for PTV and her company is the one who booked her flight in advance. PAL had managed to contact other passengers for change in schedule but could not reach Louisa. So when they saw that she arrived at the airport on time, they decided to fly her to her destination despite she is the only passenger of the plane.

This unusual flight of Louisa gained lot’s of attention and reaction from netizens and they appreciate the love being shared by PAL to her.

Have you experienced something unusual during one of your trip on a plane?