Soldier Proposes Marriage to a Fellow Soldier Who Isn’t Even His Girlfriend in the First Place

Soldier life is not easy. Being a soldier means knowing your job and being prepared to do it in war, under fire if need be. It means being prepared to kill someone. It means being able to continue doing your job even though wracked with fear.

It is important to be able to withstand the pressure of the enemy forces while maintaining composure, all this means you need to be armed with unwavering patience – all while your life is on the line.

While a lot of soldiers gain fame on and off the internet for their heroic deeds, a couple of soldiers recently went viral for something totally different – a bizarre wedding proposal!

After a group of soldiers in the Special Forces training at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija successfully made the jump from the helicopter, they marched back to their instructor wherein they were met by another troop who were holding a white streamer with wide grins on their faces.

“Will you be my?” were the words written across the streamer which was apparently addressed to one of the jumpers – Lt. Amod.

Photo credit: Facebook / 24Oras

Much to her surprise, Amod let out a nervous laugh as everyone around her cheered while their instructor held out a smaller streamer which read, “Wife”. Clearly, it was the continuation of the first banner, turning out to be a marriage proposal!

Photo credit: Facebook / 24Oras

However, a confused Amod asked, “Bakit ganyan agad?” The soldiers laughed once more. As it turned out, the guy proposing marriage to Amod was not even her boyfriend to begin with, thus her strange question! He is their instructor for the Basic Airborne Course and the two had only met a month ago.

Photo credit: Facebook / 24Oras

Amod nervously asked whether she could back out if she happened to change her mind eventually, but the man remained firm with the proposal, not backing down a bit.

Fortunately for the young woman, she managed to let him change the marriage proposal to first asking her to be his girlfriend. That’s when she said “Yes” and the field burst out into loud and happy cheers for the official couple.

source: buzzooks