Sick Motorcycle Driver Puts Note at His Back, Apologizing to Other Motorists

More often than not, you encounter a vehicle or two on the streets that’s moving too slow for your liking. When you are one of the many who considers time is of the essence, you may have let out a sigh of frustration at the very least. However, did you ever come to a halt and wonder if that slow-driving motorist may be going through something?

Recently, a motorcycle driver in Matandang Balara, Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City who was down with flu became viral on social media.

Reportedly, the man went to work despite his bad shape. Going at a slower rate given his current state at the time and knowing how most of the drivers react towards “slow” ones on the road, the rider decided to put a large piece of paper on his back to inform the other motorists of his condition.

This was witnessed by the 28-year-old netizen, Aizel Manuel, at around 8:00 in the evening. Admittedly, she felt sorry for the guy because it’s not easy to drive. What more when you are sick?

Aizel shared the photo of the said rider on Facebook, saying: “Nakita ko lang kagabi sa kahabaan ng traffic sa Commonwealth Ave. Nawala ang panandaliang pagod nmin sa nakadikit kay manong… Get well po and Keep safe manong.. hihihi.”

On the note, the driver apologized to those behind him, explained that he had a flu, and that they should overtake him instead. While Aizel was not able to identify the sick motorist, he still earned sympathy from a lot of netizens although many of them felt upset that the man had to explain himself, knowing how bad people can be on the streets especially during rush hour.

Upon going viral, the man’s colleague, Cleo Angelo DelaFuente Guevarra, commented on the said post, stating:

“He is our dear staff… he has a very bad flu but manages to report to work. He is well known at our office as a kind, courteous, jolly, and hardworking workmate. I am proud of you Joey.”

source: Aizel Lezia