Security Guard Allegedly Loses His Job After a Swimming Prank at a Mall Fountain

Anybody with a sense of humor appreciates good pranks every now and then. If a prank goes correctly, it’s absolutely hilarious for almost everyone involved. After a few days, it’s probably funny to the person that got pranked as well. On the other side, however, if a prank goes wrong, it’s going to be very bad all around. It’s true what they say – it’s all fun and games until somebody gets in trouble.

Take the Tukomi Brothers from the Philippines, for example, who are popular for their funny dares and pranks. Other than the usual pranks, they also do comment trolling.

Recently, the group got in trouble after netizens believed that they had crossed the line during one of their pranks, causing one security guard at a mall to allegedly lose his job. Whether the allegation is true or just part of the prank, no one really knows.

It all began when one of the brothers decided to take a swim at the fountain in “The Peak” at Gaisano Mall in Davao City. Stripping down to his board shorts, the prankster put on pink goggles and started to swim the length of the fountain.

A bunch of mallgoers gathered around the makeshift ‘pool’ and had a good laugh over the prank. Many of them even took videos and photos of the hilarious moment while the prankster enjoyed the ‘swimming lessons’.

However, not everyone was equally amused by this scenario. A female security guard waited for the prankster before he could even reach the end of the fountain’s length. He was told that swimming was not allowed at the fountain and that he must vacate the area as soon as possible. In spite of quickly following the security guard’s instructions, another guard had allegedly lost his job after the prank which angered many netizens.

“Di ko po kasi naagapan na lumangoy kayo. Naka-break po kasi ako non. Aminado naman po ako sa kasalanan ko kaya natanggal po ako,” the guard wrote on a post. Identified himself as Jacky Lou Lago Alipo-on, he added: “Sana po mas lalong dadami likes at viewer po para sumikat kayo. Ang galing po ninyo, saludo po kaming mga gwardya sa inyo. Kailangan pa po kaming matanggal para may sumikat.”

Although many netizens lashed on the pranksters for compromising the security guard’s job, it appears that it was just another prank comment. Otherwise, the pranksters should make amends and find a way to get the poor man’s job back.


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