Robin Padilla Was Called Out By His Fellow Muslims For Celebrating Christmas With His Family

Christmas is not considered as a Muslim holiday, that’s why Muslim people do not celebrate it. That is also the reason why netizens were not happy to see that Robin Padilla recently celebrated Christmas with his family.

The action star found himself in testy waters after his fellow Muslims called him out for celebrating Christmas, despite their belief system for the said event.

Last December 25, Robin Padilla celebrated Christmas together with his wife, Mariel Padilla, who is still a Catholic and their daughter Maria Isabella Padilla. The action star was said to have converted back to Islam back in the 90s.

On her Instagram account, Mariel Rodriguez shared a sweet family photo and wrote, “Our first Christmas together. we were in Delaware for @mariaisabelladepadilla ‘s 1st Christmas then last year @robinhoodpadilla spent it in Marawi so this is the first time we are together as a family and this is the best family photo we have.”

Their photo has gained a lot of negative comments from netizens, most especially from Muslims who felt as if the action star is not respecting the teachings and doctrines of Islam.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“Ginagawang buffet ang Islam ni @robinhoodpadilla pinipili lang [niya] ang gusto [niya] e-apply sa buhay [niya],” wrote one netizen (@sa_phra08). “[Hindi] pa [niya] naiintindihan ang turo ng Islam…”

“Dapat po alam ng isang Islam ang haram is haram… Halal is halal,” wrote another netizen (@aasiyahabelinda). “[Dapat] manindigan yan. Mali ay mali hindi puwede ugaliin.”

Meanwhile, the action star responded quickly and defend himself from those who are upset with him for going against what is set to be the norm for their belief for several years now. He explains that Christmas and Islam are more or less the same when it comes to the core values which is loving and respecting all humans.

“Islam is peace, love and respect to all mankind. Christmas is love and sharing. Christmas in the Philippines is more of culture and traditions not of [redacted] extremism. We all believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ (PBUH) let us focus our energy and conversation on things that we are the same, God willing,” Robin wrote.

On the other hand, Mariel also shared in a different post how his husband, Robin Padilla has finally met her father after 8 years, she wrote, “After 8 years @robinhoodpadilla and my Dad finally meet, my heart is full. Thank you so much to everyone in my family for being so supportive of this moment.” She also added in the last part of her post, “My 2018 is complete! I have been waiting for this day for 8 years… Thank you God for giving it to me!”

The said post has reached 25,455 likes as of writing and received words of support and encouragement from their friends and supporters.