Pizza Hut Crew Receives Shouting from a Family After She Removes the Bottled Cups Which is a Safety Policy of Smart Araneta Coliseum

If you are a crew on a fast food chain or a restaurant, you will have to act and respond as fast as you can to the inquiries and orders of the customers. Aside from this, there will also be a time when you will encounter rude customers who will not just ruin your day but would sometimes shame you in front of many people.

The same thing had happened on the crew of Pizza Hut stall near the Movie Theater in Araneta Coliseum. A concerned citizen named Olin Ovlac was able to document the happenings through video footage and some pictures of the event.

They were in the venue to watch “Magic on Ice” performance when the event happened while they were next in line to buy some pizza. It can be seen in the video how the middle-aged couple began shouting at the service crew and threw some food and water to her who is so polite in responding to them.

According to Olin, this incident started when the couple tried to order some popcorn in front of the Pizza Hut stall. The service crew politely told the couple that they were not selling popcorn and directed them to go to the next store.

After such instructions, the service crew then entertained the next customer in line but the couple interrupts and approached her saying they wanted to order something from their store. Being polite to the customer, the service crew attend their orders.

Later on, they became angry and began shouting because of the policy that has been posted for years. There also came their daughter who helped her parents to demean the service crew instead knowing first what was the cause of the chaos.

It is the policy of Smart Araneta Coliseum to remove bottle caps because there is an incident wherein the concert-goers and sports fans would throw bottle drinks to the performers.

The management has come to this idea because it is hard to throw away a bottled drink that was uncapped. Thus all the stores inside Smart Araneta Coliseum follow such rules and everyone else follows except for the family who acts outrageously and went viral on social media.

The netizens who have watched the video went angry on the family as they have shown such an ignorant attitude of first not following the policy that was imposed by the management and second by degrading a person just because they were insisting their wants.
How about you, what is your side on this matter?