Passenger Slammed by Netizens After Belittling a Grab Driver and Bragged About Her Rich Status

Normally, cab drivers make rounds on social media either due to an honest deed or being rude to passengers. This time around, a passenger was the one who went viral as she looked down upon a Grab driver and bragged about her social status.
According to the driver, he picked up the female passenger from a spot near Apolonio Samson Elementary School in Balintawak, Quezon City in Metro Manila, Philippines and dropped her off at Eton Centris Cyberpod One.

Once she got off from the car, the anonymous passenger attempted to flirt with the driver via text by telling him to smile while on duty because he looked cute with his dimples.

Instead of being flattered, the driver told her to be considerate next time that she book a ride as she failed to tell him that the road to the pickup point was narrow and difficult to cross. As a result, the vehicle acquired a scratch.

Rather than offering to pay for the damage, this angered the woman and told the driver that she’s the customer and he’s just a driver so he shouldn’t be ‘maarte’.

She insulted him even more by pointing out that he’s only driving a Toyota Vios, not a sports car.

Moreover, she went on bragging that she could afford the same car but had no plan to buy one because it is rather cheap.

Naturally, the driver retaliated by calling out her ‘squatter manners’ since she lives in a squatters’ area, but the woman corrected him by saying that she, in fact, lives in a condo unit at Zinnia Tower. According to her, the building had a power outage so she went to a friend’s house to take a bath.

After bragging that she earns a good salary, she threatened the driver that she’d get him terminated from Grab and post her complaint on social media. However, the driver went ahead of her and posted screenshots of their heated argument on Facebook in which the female passenger was bashed by the netizens for her arrogance and poor grammar.

source: rachfeed