Parents Refused to Abort Their ‘Deformed’ Baby Who Now Looks Totally Different After Two Years

There is probably nothing to a few that can compare to the excitement of expecting a child. Of course, knowing you’re pregnant can also bring nerves and anxiety all at once. What if something is wrong with the baby? What if there are complications when it comes to birth? These are just some of the concerns that most expecting parents have.

These were the exact sentiments of couple Sara Heller and Chris Eidam from Omaha, Nebraska when they were excitedly expecting a child together. Their world was turned upside down during their 24th week. On one of the routine ultrasounds, doctors forewarned them that a complication was identified during the scan. Their child, whom they named Brody, had a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

The pair was surprised when they found out that their baby would be born with an anomaly, but their shock quickly turned to disbelief when doctors offered to terminate the pregnancy. When they asked if they wanted to abort their “deformed” baby, the parents-to-be refused.

For Sara and Chris, whether they would keep their son wasn’t a question at all. They wanted their baby and they didn’t care if he looked different than other kids. They were ready to face any obstacles that may come and provide Brody all the help and love he needed, no matter what problems he may encounter due to his condition.

“I knew that although the baby growing inside of me was going to have some complications – he was also still a baby with a beating heart,” Sara said.

The two not only decided to do whatever they could for their son, but they also aimed to spread awareness about deformities and defects that can affect newborns, should other parents face the same challenges they did.

They decided to share Brody’s story with the world as soon as they found out about his diagnosis. Of course, that’s not to say Brody’s condition didn’t require extra care. Cleft lips and palate can make it hard for a baby to eat, drink, smile, and sometimes even to breathe.

“I wanted people to treat Brody like he is a life worth celebrating,” Sara added. “A true miracle.”

Two years later, it seems that their hard work is paying off. Sara said the messages they receive are now overwhelmingly positive, with thousands of other parents from around the world chiming in to support their family. She also shared how a stranger in a restaurant handed her a folded piece of paper containing a check for $1,000. A note with it read, “for the beautiful baby.”

Sara and Chris put the money towards Brody’s medical expenses and the surgery he needed to repair his lip. Though he will likely have to undergo a few more surgeries yet, Brody is clearly happy and content.