Parents Received a Box of Brand New LED TV from their Children as a Gift, But it is Not What They Expected

A parent-child love for each other is incomparable. Although sometimes there are misunderstandings, simple fights or conflicts that lead to arguments, still, the love they had for each other is still the best kind of love.

The parents want to develop a strong bond with their child, but they also want to maintain a healthy relationship and adult friendship. This close bond or close family relationship often resulted in children giving pranks to other family members or their parents.

Recently a post shared by an online user named Jocas Ramos went viral on the Internet as it shows the kind of close family that most Filipino have.

Jocas post contained photos of the prank or the surprise gift they had for their parents. He quoted the post by saying “ Happy Silver Anniversary Mom and Dad!! We Love You!!! You liked our surprise?”.

As you can see in the first photo, their mother has a blindfold, and the two sons were holding a box of a flat screen television. Their mother was really surprised by their children’s extravagant gift.

The excitement of their mother was seen when she initiates the act of opening the gift as it was seen in the photo. She uses a scissor to easily cut the tape that was used to enclose the box. As she was finally done cutting the tape she opened the box and lift the styrofoam that covers what was really inside.

They were so excited to see what’s really inside the box, but their excitement turns into disappointment when they found out that the box does not really contain a television.

Instead of a television, the box includes a foldable wooden table that they use for drinking beer as seen in the last photo.

The said post draw attention from netizens that caused it to become viral, and as of now, it has already 6,000 reactions and 3,000 shares. Some netizens commented that the post gave them an idea on what to gift to their parents on the future.