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Old Lady Walks More Than 300 Kilometers with Pets to Find Her Missing Child

With Negros Oriental being 210 km away, it would take about 6 hours to reach Dumaguete City from Bacolod City in Negros Occidental if you drive a private car and the traffic is just minimal.

So just imagine how walking this distance feels, while carrying several belongings and looking after your pets all at once. Sadly for one devoted mother, this had to be done as she went on her journey to search for her missing child.

Photo credits: Sheena Cordova Buquiran | Facebook

One netizen named Sheena Cordova Buquiran spotted the old lady at Lalaan, San Jose which was around 17 km from Dumaguete while walking with her dogs which sported cute dresses. On the other hand, the woman sported a thick jacket over several layers of clothes in spite of the hot weather.

Photo credits: Sheena Cordova Buquiran | Facebook

Her appearance was grimy and she dragged a bundle of belongings with her, leading many locals to think she was mentally ill.

Photo credits: Sheena Cordova Buquiran | Facebook

On the next day, Sheena was shocked to see the same old lady and her dogs in Tandayag, Amlan, 10 km from where she first saw her. Out of curiosity, Sheena told her father, Nelson Buquiran, about her. Jokingly, she said that she would wait for the old lady at their home in Tanjay.

After several days, Tatay Nelson spotted the old lady in their area. The family then learned that the old lady was not crazy at all but in fact, had gone to Dumaguete to search for her missing child. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful and now was on her way back to Bacolod.

Sheena’s post has gone viral on social media, with some netizens claiming that they also saw the old lady and thought she was crazy. Mentioning where they had seen her, it seems that the old lady had gone to various places, including towns and cities in southern Dumaguete.

Photo credits: Sheena Cordova Buquiran | Facebook

With the local netizens forgetting to ask what her name was as well as the name of her lost child, we could only hope that she finds the help she deserves with the aid of the viral post.


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