OFW Boyfriend from Qatar Surprises Her Filipina Girlfriend Whom He Meet Online

Love really has a great power to make people fall in love with each other despite the differences they have, the culture or family they came from and even though they just met online through video calls and chats.

The heart has a way of letting you know if he or she is really the right person for you. Even long distance relationships were able to become successful because of the love of both parties and stronger than the circumstances they have.

There are lots of love stories all over the world and almost all of them are heart-melting and just full of love. Take for example this couple named Gerome and Kamil. They started to know each other through chatting and video calls. Gerome works in Qatar while Kamil works here in the Philippines and stays with her family.

Gerome was so eager and persistent in communicating with Kamil and he knows how to make her laugh. They also enjoyed long talks because they both have an interest in the same topics. Aside from having good looks, Gerome also got a good job in Qatar.

The two have been communicating for long and they get comfortable with each other. Eventually, the two admitted how they felt to level up their friendship and they ended being boyfriends and girlfriends.

Having a long distance relationship is really hard to manage especially if you have never seen your partner in person. There must be some setbacks and doubts but the love of Kamil and Gerome were able to conquer those fears.

Little did she know, Gerome is coming home to the Philippines to finally meet her. Wise enough he talked to Kamil’s family in advance to help him make this surprise successful. The mother of Kamil makes her daughter come with her to the airport because they will fetch her friend whose name is ‘Eva’. Kamil’s sister was able to document the scene in a video and it can be seen that Kamil get a little annoyed because they waiting for hours but there were no ‘Eva’ coming.

As she stands up and turns, she saw a man that looked like her boyfriend Gerome and she was surprised and don’t what to do it is really Gerome!

The guy went to Kamil’s parents and show some respect while Kamil still can’t believe that Gerome is now in the Philippines. They posted their first photo while on the airport and their smiles are priceless.

Gerome was able to secure a month of vacation leave and the two will make the most of it get to know each other and experience things together.

What can you say about the love story of Gerome and Kamil?

LDR First meet up surprise ? From Qatar to Philippines