Noble High School Student Carried his Best Friend on his Back to School Everyday for 3 Years

“Bestfriends are like fairy tales, they’ve been there once upon a time and will be there until forever after.”- Anonymous

What a lovely feeling it is to have a best friend you can count on through thick or thin whether your happy or sad they are there by your side. They are the ones that made you realize, that in your life battles you are not alone and that they will help you reach your goals especially when you feel like tired and giving up.

His name is Xie Xugang who lives in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China together with his best friend Zhang Chi. They go to school together, study together and went home together.

There are lot’s of touching and heart-warming best friend stories around the globe and lately, a story of a student who carries his sick friend to school for three(3) consecutive years went viral online.

This is because Zhang suffered from muscle atrophy which limits his mobility to walk on his own. With the situation of Zhang, Xie decided to take care of his best friend.

He helps Zhang prepare for school and buys him food. They would leave the house together and Xie who weights 75 kilograms would carry his best friend Zhang who weighs 45 kilograms to school and going back home.

It is so amazing to think how Xie would carry his.sick friend to school knowing that their classroom is located on the third floor of the school building. The family of Xie started to worry about their son’s performance at school now that he has additional work of taking care of his best friend.

But it is not what had happened, Xie and Zhang were consistent to be on the top three of their class. These two young men go to boarding school together and started to become good friends.

Their journey in life might cause them to separate because Xie had decided to participate in the high-tech single-skill interview of Nanjing Institute of Chemical Technology while Zhang will be taking the college entrance examination. Despite this important decision, there is no doubt that their friendship and love will stay forever.

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