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Newlyweds Went Straight to the Police Station after their Wedding Coordinator Allegedly Scammed Them

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest highlights of your life. Many couples even hire a wedding coordinator several months before the big day to plan every single detail. Of course, you want it to be perfect more than anything.

But for one couple who recently got married, a nightmare which they did not see coming happened to them on their supposedly very special day. The person to blame? Their wedding coordinator. Rather than jetting off to their honeymoon, they went straight to the police station after their wedding.

Photo credits: Yhang Yhang | Facebook

Yhang Yhang, their wedding host, shared the incident on Facebook where she narrated the story of how the wedding party went from the wedding venue to the police station.

According to her, the bride who hails from Antique, Palawan and her groom who is a native from Taiwan had gathered both of their families together to share the joyous celebration of their union. However, they got the shock of their lives upon finding out that the venue looked nowhere near what they expected it to be after paying P140,000 to the wedding coordinator.

To make the matters worse, they found out that the venue had not yet been paid and there was not enough food to serve all 200 guests they invited. The wedding coordinator only managed to serve them with two whole roasted chicken from Andok’s.

Photo credits: Yhang Yhang | Facebook

Naturally, the bride has gone incredibly mad for such embarrassment! Surely, the guests must have been expecting at least a decent meal after the wedding ceremony but to their surprise, there was barely something to eat.

Moreover, according to Yhang, the guests from the groom’s side had even traveled all the way from Taiwan but the whole incident had left them rather speechless.

Photo credits: Yhang Yhang | Facebook

Photo credits: Yhang Yhang | Facebook 

Photo credits: Yhang Yhang | Facebook

At the police station, the wedding coordinator defended herself and explained that her business partner had left her.

She added that her partner was already at the airport at the time the wedding began. Unfortunately for her, the couple would not buy her alibis. The couple, especially the bride, is very much decided to file a legal case against her.

source: rachfeed

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