Netizens Criticize the Family of an Old Lady Who Still Lets Her Sell Puto Despite Her Difficult Condition

Everyone has a story to tell. We all have stresses and anxieties in our lives. But too often, rather than be consumed by the emotions tied to these anxieties and stresses, we talk ourselves out of them because someone out there has it worse.

Not to invalidate anyone’s feelings, but it is true. Take this old lady, for instance, who was photographed by Charles Kenneth Gamalo Capricho. In spite of her slow movement due to being a hunchback, she continues to sell puto in order to make a living for her family.

The old lady was not identified, but netizens highly expressed their admiration for her persistence despite her obviously tough situation. While walking in a difficult manner, she carried heavy food baskets alone filled with goods she was selling. Yet, no one heard her complain about this ordeal she had to go through.

“NGAYON MO sabihing hirap na hirap kana sa sitwasyon mo. NGAYON MO sabihing pinagkaitan ka ng magandang buhay?” Charles shared on on Facebook with the old lady’s photos.

“Tignan nyo si nanay, kahit hirap na hirap sa pagbitbit ng mga paninda nyang puto para kumita ng pera hindi nagrereklamo, kahit pa sa pusturang pasan nya ang daigdig sa kanyang likod. Gawin mo syang inspirasyon para hindi sumuko sa lahat ng pagsubok na pinagdaraanan mo,” Charles added.

“Nakakadurog ng puso ang mga ganitong sitwasyon para sa isang matanda na pilit kumakayod ng marangal para sa pamilya. Pilit lumalaban sa hirap ng buhay. Pilit inaahon ang sarili sa lahat ng hamon ng buhay.”

Sadly, this is not the first time we see an elderly person roam the streets under the scorching heat of the sun just to earn money for their families. With many other old people going viral on social media in the past because of the same reason, netizens could not help but criticize their families for letting them go out on busy streets and put themselves in grave dangers given their weak bodies.

Many would like to believe that if only the children of these elders had jobs of their own, maybe their parents wouldn’t have to feel like they’re burdens and wouldn’t have to search for money somewhere else.

Sometimes, we forget to be grateful for all the blessings we receive because of a problem or two. Instead, we let ourselves be miserable and drown in self-pity. But others who have it worse just like this old woman, they are the ones who often get up and strive because they are left with no choice but to keep moving forward in life.