Netizen Spotted a Young Boy Studying and Doing Homework at an Overpass

Education is one of the most important virtues in the life of a person. Apart from being a necessity, it helps in leading a good life. It is no secret that education has the power to change a life. Unfortunately, many students do not see this value. But for one young boy, it is something one should not take for granted, no matter what your circumstance is.

A Facebook user who goes by the name Arej Real shared a video of a young boy studying in the overpass connecting SM Megamall to St. Francis Square. According to Arej, he was filming for his vlog channel when he saw him. The real story of why he was there in the first place would certainly break your heart.

As seen on the footage, the netizen filmed the boy for quite a while prior to approaching him. He even witnessed a foreigner handing the boy some coins.

After some time, he walked up to him and asked him questions like what grade he was currently in and what he was doing in such a place.

He found out that the boy’s name is Jandel, a fifth grader.

Apparently, they neither have electricity at home nor any source of light as their family lives under a tunnel.

He explained that the overpass was the only place he thought of where he could do his homework and study. Moreover, he also had Sampaguita flowers with him which he sells to passersby.

Arej decided to give the boy a humble treat after hearing his inspiring story. Upon buying him a meal from Jollibee, he went back to the boy and watched him enjoy his food.

The netizen was so inspired that he even wrote his thoughts on his video.

He pointed out how others would take their education for granted to which many netizens agreed to.

source: tnpmedia