“Needs Over Wants” – Sunshine Cruz Leads Her Daughters by Example to Be Simple, Not Extravagant

Rearing a child is no easy job. What more raising three all by yourself? This sums up the life of actress Sunshine Cruz, but in spite of playing the role of both parents to her three lovely daughters, she feels truly blessed.

After her highly publicized failed marriage in the past, Sunshine is ready to move forward and makes it a point that she raises her daughters to be strong and empowered women who are able to make their own choices. Moreover, she leads her daughters by example when it comes to handling money.

“Needs muna bago wants” is Sunshine’s mantra as far as managing her finances is concerned. Before splurging money on a shopping spree, she sees to it that there is an extra income.

“When you earn and napagkakasya mo yung needs, masaya ka na dun, di ba? Pag sumobra, parang you deserve a reward. Kaya yung shopping ay kapag may extra lang,” she shared. “Kapag bumili ako ng mahal, ibig sabihin, may bonus or pera na hindi ko inasahan.”

Sunshine revealed that she’s also not fond of spending money on extravagant things, but prefers spending it on family travels. In an exclusive interview with PEP, she shared:

“Siguro yung travel. Yun na yung masasabi nating expensive. Pero hindi rin ako yung mahilig sa mamahalin. Yung para sa daily wear ko, they are brands that are not so pricey pero swak sa katawan – mga Zara, H&M, at Topshop. Hindi rin ako yung maramihan kung bumili. Naranasan ko nga dati, when I was still married, dalawa lang yung rubber shoes. Pero di naman ako naghahangad kasi lagi lang akong nasa loob ng bahay.”

Sunshine said her daughters, Angeline, Angelina, and Chesca, have learnt how to be “masinop” themselves and not to always expect to get what they want.

She said, “Ever since, ‘yung mga anak ko hindi sila natuto na maging magarbo, kasi lagi ko sinasabi sa kanila na laging unahin natin yung needs kesa yung wants. Ngayon kung meron tayong extra, e, ‘di for special occasion – birthday n’yo, Christmas or magandang grades n’yo – then that is only the time na ibibigay ko sa inyo yung like niyo,” Sunshine said.

The proud single mom shared that her eldest is already earning her own income after starting a career in the music industry. The 17-year-old took after her mom on spending money wisely. In fact, Angelina said she’d rather save up to buy her own car instead of asking her mom for it as a gift on her incoming debut next year.

Sunshine is thankful that her children are obedient and not “maggimik”, saying: “I just hope ganyan-ganyan lang sila, ‘yung masaya sila na magkakasama kami at kasama nila ako at dito lang sila sa house.”