Sneak Peak at Lavish Birthday Party of Scarlet Kramer

We all dream of becoming royal; be prince and/or princess having the grandest birthday party wearing the most beautiful gown we could ever wear since we were a child.

Most of us can’t be royals or even can’t afford to organize a party for big events like birthdays, because of a long list of reasons.

On the other hand, some families are fortunate enough to held make this dream birthday party came into reality. They don’t mind spending a huge amount of money for just a single event that might just last for a couple of hours. Just like the Team Kramer’s member, Scarlett who celebrated her 7th birthday with a blast.

28th of November 2018, Cheska and Doug Kramer planned and organized a party for their second child, Scarlett, with a winter wonderland theme in Amanpulo.

The place was magically turned into a winter wonderland with the help of the creative mind of Mr. Jo Claravall, the event stylist. Everything is white and sparkly.

During the event, Scarlett wore a very elegant pink lace ball gown with a matching cape and crown making her the star of the night and the loveliest among everyone.

According to KAMI, her older sister Kendra and her Dad Doug sung a song for her and her little brother Gavin offered her a bouquet making the event more special and memorable. Scarlett’s birthday wish is for her mom to have another baby, blowing this wish with fire on her birthday candle.

Cheska and Doug revealed that Scarlett was really looking forward to this event to happen even before the day of the party. The couple also shared photos taken during Scarlett’s birthday party on their social media accounts.

Looking at the posted photos, it seems that Scarlett is very happy and had a great time during the whole event.

Source: thedailynewsblog