Mother Allegedly Abandons Her Children Outside Mang Inasal Outlet After Telling Them She’s Buying an Umbrella

A heartbreaking post has circulated on Facebook recently where a mother who told her two kids she would buy an umbrella allegedly left them on purpose outside a Mang Inasal outlet. Five hours later, the kids began to cry out of hunger and fear.

A Facebook user who goes by the name Myleen DelosReyes De Villar shared photos of the children outside Mang Inasal in People’s Park, Valenzuela City. According to De Villar, several passersby got highly concerned upon witnessing the said kids crying outside the said food outlet.

Photo credit: Myleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook

Since they were all by themselves, without any supervising adult nearby, they were later asked as to where they were from and where their parents were. The older kid answered that they were from Tondo and had arrived at the Mang Inasal outlet at around 6 in the morning with their mother. Their mother soon told them to wait for her outside of the outlet while she went away to buy an umbrella.

Trusting what their mother told them, they patiently waited and remained at the exact same place until lunch time. Because they have not eaten since breakfast, the two children grew hungry and began feeling afraid because their mother has not yet returned, which was why they started crying. The scenario then drew the attention of some passersby.

Photo credit: Myleen DelosReyes De Villar / Facebook

Out of pity for the kids, several passersby and staff of the restaurant provided them with food to eat. They still have high hopes that the mother would come back to her children. De Villar also mentioned in the said post that the children wanted to go home instead but had no clue how to do it on their own, considering Tondo was far from Valenzuela City.

While some netizens believe that the mother had the intention of abandoning her kids at that place to begin with, they still hope that through the post on social media with the kids’ photos, someone would willingly help them find their mother.

source: buzzooks