Mom Gives her Daughter 2,000 Pesos After Crying All Night Because of Breakup

Maria Florine Vergara Pressman didn’t know that her very own mother heard her crying whole night and the next day she was astounded her with a basic signal to ease her torment.

Maria Florine recently experienced the anguish of heartbreaks as part of maturing and growing up and found herself crying throughout the night. On her Facebook account, she posted about how she cries all night but out of her but she didn’t know that someone listening to her cries.

The next day when she woke up after a whole night of crying, she was startled when she saw a two-1,000 Peso bill stapled and attached to their refrigerator. Together with the money was a note from her mother possibly because of her very own mother heard her crying the whole night.

Based on her post, it is not the first time her mother saw her experienced such heartbreak. Pressman still cracked a joke saying that she’s going to appreciate being harmed in the event that she will wake up with this each morning.

This simple thing just shows how much a mother knows her daughter and how much they care for them. Instead of scolding her daughter, she cheered her daughter up and told her to go outside and hang out with friends to at least reduce her sadness.

Nonetheless, there are still some people who have a different perspective of this. Some people judged the mom as frivolous for the thing that she made by giving her daughter money after crying all night instead of talking and comforting her in traditional ways but other Netizens applauded her by supporting her daughter in the comments.

Would you get a cash and ease your torment through shopping or you would or would you select somebody to talk to and tune in to your harsh fix?