Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie’s Answer Was Said To Be Misinterpreted by the Translator of Miss Universe.

A beauty pageant isn’t all about walking the ramp, showing your physical beauty, talents, and personality.

It’s also about passing the tough round of the question and answer portion. This round was said to determine the potential winners based on their answers. While in this round, the contestants also have their freedom if they will choose to have a translator.

For this year, the contestants who were able to make it to the Top 5 were Miss Philippines Catriona Gray, Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega, Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie, Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green and Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutierrez.

The top 5 contestants were then asked individual questions to determine who would make it to the Final 3.

Each of them had to answer the provided questions, and out the five contestants, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Vietnam, and Miss Venezuela answer their questions with the help of a translator.

After this round, many people reacted on social media about the translation of Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie’s answer.

This is the exact question that has been thrown to Miss Vietnam.

The #MeToo movement has sparked a global conversation. In response, some have said that the world has become too politically correct. Do you think the #MeToo movement has gone too far?

H’Hen Nie’s answer was delivered by her translator as:

“I don’t think that it has gone too far. Protecting women and women’s rights is the right thing to do. Women need protection and rights.”

While according to a twitter post of a Vietnamese netizen named Audrey, the actual translation of Ms. Vietnam’s answer was:

I’m a Vietnamese native speaker and this is Miss Vietnam’s fully translated and accurate answer: “Protecting women’s well-being/health and protecting women from sexual abuse is the right that every women need. Everyone of us needs to be protected and we need freedom. Thank you.”

She also added that the main keywords to Miss Vietnam’s answer was not included by her translator.

“She completely missed out the part that includes “well-being/health”, “sexual abuse” and “freedom”, which are the main three keywords of her answer and ultimately made it less in-depth than the original one. This is so unprofessional! #MissUniverse.”

Buy although Miss Vietnam didn’t make it to the top 3, she already made history for Vietnam for being their first contestant to reach the top five in Miss Universe.

According to an article by Cosmopolitan, this wasn’t the first instance that the Miss Universe translator misinterpreted the contestant’s answer. Last year, there was also a similar scenario when the translator misinterpreted Miss France Iris Mittenaere answer.

We can only hope that next year the organizers of Miss Universe would address all the issues that were present this year.

Source: tnpmedia