Miss Universe Vietnam’s Homecoming Video Touches Hearts of Netizens

Almost everyone loved Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie’s backstory – from going against her ethnic tribe’s customs of marrying at a young age so she could live a better future to working her way up to the top even if it meant working as a domestic helper.

The 26-year-old beauty queen, who provided a scholarship for the underprivileged children in her village, made rounds on the internet for being included among the Top 5 finalists in the Miss Universe pageant later.

Once more, she has made a lot of netizens smile and cries all at once as Sash Factor Vietnam posted a video where the young lady went back to her hometown after winning the Miss Universe Vietnam crown.

It was a heartwarming homecoming that made everyone adore the down-to-earth beauty queen all the more. 

In spite of the success she has achieved and winning $10,000 in the process, the young lady kept her feet on the ground. Instead of spending the cash prize for herself, H’Hen donated it to schools in her hometown so she could provide a scholarship to the poverty-stricken children in the village.

As seen in her homecoming video, she did not act as if she was better than the people in her village. She wore simple clothes, readily plopped down on the floor, and ate with her bare hands. She also rode an overpacked motorcycle along the muddy roads and went from house to house, giving gifts to the elderly and providing stuff that the children needed.

Indeed, H’Hen Nie is one of a kind! Although she’s now a famous face to behold on and off social media with many fans inspired by her humble beginnings, her viral homecoming video provided these individuals with much more reasons to support her future endeavors.