Miss Grand International Allegedly Claims Miss Universe 2018 was a ‘Cooking Show’

There may be different beauty pageants across the world yet the most prestigious of all is the Miss Universe. The recent crowning of Catriona Gray as Miss Universe 2018 is now being celebrated not just by her fellow Filipinos but the entire world. With her grace, beauty, and kindness, Catriona has truly captured our hearts.

Although other beauty queens send their regards and warm greetings for her achievement, some still expressed disbelief and throw shade on such prestigious pageantry.

A “shady” post from the Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa’s official Instagram account allegedly referring to the newly crowned Miss Universe 2018 drew flak from Filipino netizens.

Two days after the preliminaries of the Miss Universe pageant, Clara uploaded a photo of her where she is seen in a kitchen set-up with television host Nawat Itsaragrisil with the caption: “Mabuhay! Real cooking show lol!” And wrapped up with a tears-laughing emoji. Itsaragrisil is the president of Miss Grand International and Miss Grand Thailand.

Miss Grand International is a relatively new pageant based in Thailand, the same country where the Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant was held. Established in 2013, Miss Grand International advocates to spread the message of happiness and to take a stand and say “Stop the War and Violence.”

It can be noted that the post came after it was announced that two Filipinas are included in the line-up of judges for the prestigious pageant. Netizens were quick to speculate on the underlying tone of the post, which some said is purposely directed to the organization and Catriona.

Netizens expressed dismay which they described as a “cheap move”. Some have called out Sosa for being unprofessional and even dragged the name of the minor pageantry she won over.

source: elitereaders