Meet baby Freedom: Isabel Oli and John Prats’ second child

Last June, celebrity couple John Prats and Isabel Oli happily shared on Instagram that Isabel is pregnant with their second child.

A few months later, the blessed couple finally welcomed their second child and named him, Daniel Freedom.


John Prats recently posted a video clip in his Instagram account showing Isabel Oli in her birthing bed with the newly born baby Freedom, he published the said video last December 12.

If you want to see the full video of the day Isabel went through labor, kindly check the link from John Prat’s Instagram bio.


The actor was so grateful for the successful birth of their second baby that’s why he had written this caption, “We have prayed for you, and the Lord granted us what we asked from Him. Everyone, we want to show you a bit of what our heaven looks like, as our family has grown by another littlest feet that marks one of the biggest footprints in our hearts. So buckle up, and join us as we share with you the full experience of welcoming Freedom!”

In the video, you can see John Prats while he narrates what is happening during that time, “Hey guys, 9:48, Nasa harapan kami ng St. Luke’s ngayon.” Then, he shows a glimpse of Isabel. “Pinabalik kami. Whole day naghintay lang kami kung ngayon ba talaga lalabas si Freedom.”

A few moments later, he announced the successful birth of their baby, thankfully, both Isabel and baby are safe, they marked the date November 25, 2018 as baby Freedoms’ birth date.


The proud dad was really happy and later gave an update, “Hello, nasa room na kami ngayon,” while he slowly turns the camera to his wife, Isabel who was carrying the baby Freedom, “that’s my brave wifey and that’s our baby Freedom.”

John Prats also thanked all the people who have prayed for them. Their family was also present to celebrate the birth of Freedom, including their first child, Lily Feather. While looking at Lily’s face, you will see how excited she was to finally see her younger brother.

The video clip also revealed where the celebrity couple got the name of their second baby ‘Freedom.’ He quoted a verse from the Bible from 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom,” and highlighted the word freedom.

They also posted separate posts on their Instagram account. John Prats first posted a photo of the baby’s foot with the caption, “So this is freedom, thank you, Lord God.”

While, Isabel Oli posted a quote, a day after she gave birth, “Sometimes I just look up, smile and say, I know that was you, God! Thank you.”

Watch Video here:

Source: youtube. pinasfact