Manny Pacquiao Fulfills His Promise To Give House And Lot To An Ice Cream Vendor

A few a months ago, Senator Manny Pacquiao promised to give a house and lot to an ice cream vendor named Marcelino Entia.

It started out from the simple buying of ice cream to the said ice cream vendor to offering him a house and lot, a new job and money.

The boxing champ initially granted Manong Marcelino a job so that he wouldn’t need to sell ice cream under the scorching heat. He also handed him PHP 30,000 worth of cash and scholarships to his children after learning that Manong Marcelino suffered from a stroke. The ice cream vendor was so thankful upon receiving all the blessings from Manny Pacquiao.

Meanwhile, the people who saw the heartwarming event was also touched to this act of kindness from the boxing champ. Jen Manilay, who was with Manny Pacquiao during that time took footage of the said event and shared it on social media.

“[Si] manong (Entia) parang nananaginip at mangiyak ngiyak s pasasalamat. today is surely a blessing. may pambili n ng gamot c manong. hindi narin mhihirapan mgtinda ng ice cream in a very sunny afternoon dahil binigyan nrin nmin c manong ng trabaho s goldenstate,” she wrote.

As a child, Manny Pacquiao himself experienced poverty and hardships in life. That’s why despite all of his achievements today, the boxing champ never forgets where he came from and he always extends his arms to the people in need.

While some people might be wondering if the ice cream vendor already received the house and lot that Manny Pacquiao promised him. Well, of course, the boxing champ is true to his word.

Just as he promised, Manny recently turned over the property to Manong Marcelino and his family. The boxing champ personally went to Brgy. Calumpang where he has the housing project that he funded himself. In addition, the new house was already equipped with water and electricity supply, as well as a television set, bed, and ventilation and was already fully-furnished when he gave it to the ice cream vendor.

Manny Pacquiao also invited Manong Marcelino and his family to his mansion for a dinner where they met the boxing champ’s mother. Mommy Dionisia told him that he should value the blessings he had received, while Manny also told him that he should remain a believer in God.

Source: pinoychika