Man Saves Moving Mud Balls in a Well at a Construction Site Which Turn Out to be Adorable Newborn Puppies

A man in Thailand risked his life when he jumped into a mud-filled well following heavy rains there recently to save five puppies which had fallen in.

Surachet Klaewkla was on his way to work one day. As he was passing a construction site at the Trang Village housing complex, he heard the shrill sounds of an animal in dire need of help. Following the sounds, he came to a well and peered inside.

He saw what looked like moving mud balls. Without hesitation, he jumped inside and retrieved them one by one. The mud balls turned out to be five newborn puppies.

“I thought they were rocks, but after looking closely, they are puppies!” he wrote in a post that has been making rounds on social media since then.

He guessed that the pups’ stray mother must have wandered into the well, but was now nowhere to be found. Thankfully, the puppies were not injured, only heavily coated with mud. It was also fortunate that the mud didn’t suffocate them.

After getting them out of the well, Surachet gave the five muddy puppies a bath with the help of other residents there.

When the puppies are finally clean, an adorable sight awaits! Surachet then took them home to give them something to eat. The puppies’ endearing appearance melted the hearts of the other members of the Surachet family.

Surachet posted the puppies’ amazing transformation and called for netizens to adopt the pooches and many posted inquires in the comment section.

Others who don’t live in Trang simply said that Surachet has given their faith in humanity a boost. His story has been shared on social media and viewers have expressed their admiration for his bravery and kind heart.