A Mother and Her 3 Soldier Son Tearfully Reunite Again After A Long Time

One of the toughest jobs in the world is being a mother. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe, it becomes your family, and most especially your children.

This Christmas season, ABS-CBN created a mini-series called “Family is Love,”—this year’s theme features a series of different Filipino families.


In their first episode, they featured the Garcia family who has three sons who are all soldiers. The mother of the three soldiers will be celebrating her 51st birthday and she wishes to see her sons, but she never thought it was possible because of her son’s nature of work. But little did she know that her sons were planning to surprise her.


Actor Coco Martin said on the first part of the video:

“Pinaglayo man sila ng serbisyo pero pinaglalapit sila ng pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa. Samahan natin sila sa kanilang bagong misyon para sa pamilya.”

Milvina Garcia is the mother of the soldier brothers. She shared how tough it is to have all her children together under one roof even if there is a celebration. As parents, they are aware that their sons won’t be able to control their day offs and leaves because they are soldiers.

On the other hand, her husband Gerardo expressed how proud he is being their father, because knowing where his sons right now make him a successful father too.

Their eldest, John Melvin, works as a combat pilot for the Philippine Air Force. Meanwhile, their middle child Gerson and youngest George Bernard are both soldiers for the Philippine Army. They are all part of the group of soldiers who fought in the Marawi siege.


They love giving service to others, knowing that they can help other people and see them smile makes everything worthwhile, even if being a soldier also means that they have to be away from their family more than being close to them.

According to 2nd Lt. George Bernard Garcia:

“It feels great to serve my country especially when I see the smiling faces of the kids and people in the area I serve. I always say to myself that I do my work for these people. ”

As seen in the video during their interview with ABS-CBN, the mother was surprised upon seeing his sons while they came in holding a bouquet of flowers and a festival of balloons. Nanay Milvina broke down crying while hugging each of her boys, along with Tatay Gerardo who was also in tears. According to her, it was her best birthday celebration.

“Thank you very much at ngayon lang kami na kumpleto. This is my happiest birthday,” she said.

Their video attracted thousands of netizens who were touched by the Garcia Family story.

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Source: readersportaltoday