Loving Son Surprises Mom with an Impressive Gift in ‘Kwarta o Kahon’ Game for Christmas

Christmas is mostly known as the season of giving because it started when Christ first died for us to save us from our sins and that is the greatest gift of all. Every year people get to think of new ways how to give gifts to their loved ones or to the people who are needed.

Some have even come up to an idea of putting rolls of money inside the cake while others have played a game of picking up money on a box while being blindfolded.

One of the crazy fun ideas of giving gifts to someone is the video of a guy who lets his mom played the “Kwarta o Kahon” game. This is his surprise gift for her mother this season of giving. Rotski Bautista is the guy who can be seen on the viral video.

The said video is a documentation of his surprise for his mother during Christmas day. The surprise comes up with a game that is popularized in TV shows. Her mother has to decide whether to choose the box or the money being offered by Rotski. He started offering five thousand peso bill to her mother but she chooses the box over the money.

This scene continues over and over until the pot money reached to Php 15,000. His mother had a tough decision and still chooses the mystery box.

With the firm decision of choosing the mystery box over the money on the table, her mother opened it and was surprised to see what is inside. It turned out that the box contains a cooking pot and she is quite disappointed with her decision. She started cleaning up the mess of the wrapper and opens the cooking pot to see if there are still surprises inside. She was overjoyed to see that a bulk of the money is lying inside the pot. She jumped out of joy and can’t stop from kissing her son because of happiness.

Netizens were also hooked up to finish the video and see what is inside the box. Upon seeing the end, they have shared different comments and reactions saying how blessed the mother is. While others bash the Rotski for bragging his money online. Some even wished they will also receive such kind of surprise gift on Christmas day.

Rotski replied to the netizens that this is his way of giving back to his hardworking mother who grows up to be poor and until now sells in the street despite they are living a comfortable life.

How you, what are your thoughts about this kind of giving gift surprises?