Look: Viral Video of Baby Talitha While Watching Her Daddy Vic Sotto On TV

The celebrity couple Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s first daughter was born on November 6, 2017, and they named her baby Talitha. She recently celebrated her 1st birthday with a picnic-inspired party last month.

And now, a new video of Baby Tali while watching her daddy Vic Sotto on television has gone viral. The video was taken during the Kapuso’s noontime show Eat Bulaga as one of the TVJ trio hosted the BOOM segment. The video was posted by an Instagram account [at]team_bosleng with the caption “Dadah” and hashtags daddysgirl, fatherdaughter, cutenessoverload, socute, pisngidebola, and many more.

As of this moment, Baby Tali’s video has reached 30k views where she shared her charm once again with the public.

As seen in the video, baby Tali is in her room while standing in her crib and focused on looking at the television.

Her mommy Pauleen was also in the room and she was heard from the video saying “Who’s that? Dada? Is that Dada?” Then she turned into a different angle to see clearly Baby Tali’s reaction, baby Tali looked so surprised to see her daddy Vic Sotto on television. Then, once again, Pauleen asked her baby with a more playful voice, “Dada, is that dada?,” she said.

Many netizens just can’t get enough of Baby Tali’s chubby cheeks and can’t help but comment how cute she is on the video.

“Good girl, pinapanood si papa nya.”
“Cute ni Tali kilala niya kung sino nasa tv.”
“Wow sarap pisilin.”

We can see how the first-time mom adores her super charming baby as she often shares baby Tali’s cuteness with the netizens. Pauleen always post photos and videos of her while she’s with her daddy, while she’s in other people’s arms while drinking milk, while she’s sleeping and basically just everything!

Because of their busy schedule, the celebrity couple opted to get Baby Tali her Yaya to look after her. But although that is the case, Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto always make sure to take care of their baby and make time for her. You can check it out in Pauleen’s Instagram feed and stories [at]pauleenlunasotto where you can see most of their family bonding.

Watch baby Tali’s viral video below: