Look: Jhong Hilario gives “Ampao” as Christmas gifts for the Kids of Streetboys Members

Christmas is probably one of the most important time in the year when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated across the world mainly by Christians.

Here in the Philippines, giving always comes as one of the most essential parts in celebrating the true spirit of this holiday season.

Sharing your blessings and giving gifts to your friends and loved ones became a tradition during Christmas. It is also common to see children who are looking for their godparents to receive their Christmas presents. But there are also some who received money, which is placed in a red money envelope called “ampao,” as a gift, instead of toys.

Just like what the veteran dancer and Kapamilya actor Jhong Hilario generously handed out to the children of the members of their dance group “Streetboys” this Christmas.

Last Christmas, the 90’s popular dance group had their mini-reunion where they also brought their families with them to celebrate the holiday season. This celebration was made possible by their manager Chito Roño and was attended by some of the dance group members like Jhong Hilario, Danilo Barrios, Vhong Navarro and Nicko Manalo.

Danilo Barrios, who is also one of the members of the 90’s famous dance group was able to take some clips from their celebration. He uploaded the video clip on his Instagram account with a caption that says:

“Ninong Jhong’s bunutan de ampao! gratz kidz!!!”

As seen in the video, Jhong Hilario handed the kids with the red envelopes that contained different amount cash and the kids have to choose randomly. Their mini-reunion becomes more lively because of this fun game which is also Jhong’s way of sharing his blessings to the kids of his co-members.

In an article last April 2018 from Inquirer, the famous dance group of Streetboys rose to popularity during the 90’s by regularly performing on different variety shows like “Eat Bulaga” and “ASAP.”

Who can forget some of the famous dance hits of this group such as, “I Saw the Sign”, “MMMbop”, “On Ne Samaria Plus Jamais” and many more.

This year, Streetboys celebrated their 25th anniversary as a dance group, whose families remained close to each other as well.

It was also revealed in the same article that Jhong Hilario became a part of the iconic dance group after he was given a chance to audition at Equinox Disco in 1993.

Because of the overwhelming talent on the dance floor of the members of the Streetboys, some of them were blessed with the opportunity to pursue an acting career in showbiz.

Some of their members who have successfully landed a spot in show business includes Vhong Navarro, who found a big break as an actor-comedian, Spencer Reyes, who became a teen star in the mid-to-late-90’s, and Jhong Hilario, who pursue an acting career with his villain roles in several movies and drama series on the Kapamilya network.

Aside from this, Jhong is also part of the hosts of ABS-CBN’s noontime show It’s Showtime together with Vhong.

There are also other Streetboys members who continue in pursuing their passion by teaching dance lessons and some who already put up their own businesses.