Little Girl with OFW Parents Expects Chocolates in a Balikbayan Box But Finds Her Dad Instead

Christmas is more than just eating, drinking, and singing carols. Aside from celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, it also provides the perfect opportunity to come together to commune with our respective families – making this time all the more precious.

However, not everyone is able to spend quality time with their families during this very special time of the year. Say for instance, in the Philippines where Filipinos who work overseas are rampant, family members left to get used to receiving packages or balikbayan boxes from abroad instead of spending time with their loved ones in person.

These balikbayan boxes may be filled with a variety of goods and expensive gifts for each family member, but let’s admit it, nothing beats a complete family spending their Christmas together happily.

For one little girl whose parents are both OFWs, receiving balikbayan boxes from abroad is a normal thing. However, things have changed after what she thought were chocolates and her favorite things inside a huge package turned out to be her dad in the flesh!

Initially, she thought that her parents would be home next year, but little did she know that one of them would go home this time around to spend Christmas with their beloved daughter.

The wonderful surprise was caught by netizen Marco Caesar on video and was later shared on his Facebook account. Upon thinking that the box was just the typical one she used to get, the kid who is Marco’s niece happily posed next to it. As seen on the footage, she smiled from ear to ear and excitedly opened the box after her photo was taken. That’s when the touching scenario began as the kid cried tears of joy after seeing her father came out of the box. She stood crying then her dad hugged and picked up his precious little girl.

The beautiful moment touched the hearts of many netizens as it made rounds on social media. Some netizens who work as OFWs themselves said they wish they could also go home in order to surprise their loved ones this Christmas.

source: Marco Caesar