Kris Aquino Surprises Her Housemaid With an 100,000 Worth of Gift

Who would not know the Aquino’s in the Philippines? A big name in the history of the Philippines indeed, not only in politics but also in showbiz.

The Queen of all Media Star, Kris Aquino is one of the hottest names in the country. Being one of the best hosts, she is also an award-winning actress and a kind-hearted woman who extends her assets to help those who are in need.

In fact, she supports quite a lot of charities providing a home, education and good health for the less fortunate such as Gawad Kalinga, World Vision, and Philippine National Red Cross. Charities mentioned have unified goals as to Kris, in making a better and more peaceful community.

According to (2010), Kris was said to be sponsoring a number of children through its community-based Area Development Programs (ADPs) securing a better education, health, values formation, protection and active participation in the uplifting of the whole community.

Aside from helping other people, Kris never failed to appreciate those who live with them every single day. She always gives compliments and acknowledgments to her angels at home and to those who work for them, making them part of the Aquino’s.

One of the lucky one is Yaya Bincai their household helper.

For the recent celebration of Yaya Bincai’s birthday, the 3 Aquino’s, Bimby, Josh and Kris, surprised Bincai with a stunning P100,000 Tiffany necklace. The diamond heart-shaped necklace has a hole in the middle, and Kris has an explanation for the design they chose saying:

“it was in Japan we learned from jack’s ninang that hearts (whether a ring, pendant, or earrings) shouldn’t have a hole in the middle especially if the person wearing it is still single, that’s why bincai keeps receiving all my necklaces with hearts that aren’t “buo” – for our selfish reasons”

Kris shared a video with a heartfelt message for Bincai recognizing all the hardships the helper offered the family.

“I can freely admit I’m not the disciplinarian to my two boys, it’s Bincai and Gerbel who are strict and whenever you compliment me that I’ve raised two very good, respectful, kindhearted, and polite boys, a lot of the credit I share with the two Luntayao sisters.”

“It isn’t an exaggeration for me to say that she’s the one who keeps it all together for the 3 Aquinos,” Kris said.

Both Aquino’s and Bincai are lucky to be part of each other’s lives.

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