Kapuso Artist Joey De Leon, Viral on His Funny Reaction While Watching Miss Universe 2018 in ABS- CBN

The most beautiful day of the year has come and made everyone pause for a while to witness the 94 contenders from around the world to compete for the title, Ms. Universe 2018.

The world’s most awaited pageant is a celebration for all the women. It showcases the elegance, intelligence, and power of being a woman. Who would like to miss this big event that happens once a year?

This year’s Ms. Universe pageant was held at Thailand last December 17, 2018. Every participating country have sent their best woman to represent their respective countries to showcase their culture and women empowerment. Of course and as always, one of the country’s who makes a loud noise in the entire Ms. Universe pageantry is the Philippines. This year, Catriona Elisa Magnayan Gray was sent to compete.

From the day one of the Ms. Universe competition to the preliminary round until the coronation night, Catriona was very consistent of making herself shine among other contestants hailing her as the new Ms. Universe. She was very hands-on to every little detail from the preparation to the gowns and even accessories she’ll be using.

Her signature “lava walk” and the slow-mo twirl marked this year’s pageant. After being crowned and taking her first walk as Ms. Universe, every Filipino celebrated for her victory. It was really indeed an early Christmas gift to everyone.

Along with it are tons of posts, shared photos, and videos from Catriona’s supporters sending their love and support to the new Ms. Universe.

One of the videos that gone viral was the reaction video of the Eat Bulaga’s pioneer host, Joey De Leon. Jumping up and down, Joey was cheering and oozing with happiness channeling his inner Catriona fan-self.

We can all agree that he seems very proud of what Catriona got of the whole country. Many reacted on Joey’s video expressing how funny they find Joey’s reaction as seen on the video.

Just imagine how would the whole Philippine nation react after hearing the country’s name as the winner. Maybe it would be like Joey’s reaction too, or even more. It’s just a proof that the Philippines is a happy country where people celebrate together when one from the nation brings Filipino pride to the world.

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