Ina Raymundo’s 16-Year-Old Son Steals Netizens’ Hearts with His Good Looks

In showbiz, a pleasing personality is one of the major factors to have a lasting career. There are lots of showbiz personalities who have beautiful faces, one of which is Rina Marie Padilla Raymundo also known for her screen name Ina Raymundo.

Even at her age, she is still fit and sexy, which is why many netizens admire her. Reportedly, one of the actress’ activities in her fitness routine is doing Zumba.

A few months back, Ina has unconsciously launched a fanbase dedicated to her son, Jakob Poturnak, as she shared a photo of him to celebrate the 16-year-old’s accomplishment as a student. The handsome son of Ina captured the attention of many netizens and many commented that he could be the next matinee idol.

On Instagram, the 42-year-old actress congratulated Jakob on his moving up ceremony, saying, “You make us proud.” The post has since garnered more than 70,000 likes, with many of its nearly 1,000 comments noting that Jakob, like his mother, is “artistahin.”

Several IG followers of the actress expressed their admiration to the young heartthrob. There were also some ladies who asked the permission of Ina Raymundo to be her son’s girlfriend.

Jakob is Raymundo’s only son with her Canadian husband, Brian Poturnak. They have four other children who are all girls. This wasn’t the first time Raymundo shared a photo of Jakob, whose newfound “fans” have even started circulating online other photos of him, both from his childhood and now as a young man.

Besides from being a handsome boy, Jakob also loves sports. He is a member of an international baseball organization that competes for other countries.

Clearly, his mom loves him so dearly and you can see it on her social media page.

They always have quality time together and he accompanies his mom on almost all of her events. Ina Raymundo also said that his son is so sweet and very “mabait”.

source: rachfeed