Ina Raymundo Shares Her Secret To Looking Young And Stunning Even At The Age Of 43

Many women are scared about the idea of getting old because they think that their body and looks also fade away as they get older.

That’s why to maintain their beauty some women undergo expensive treatments and procedures to defy age.

But do you know that there is also an easier way to keep your youthful glow, with the help of a healthy lifestyle, or just simply having a positive outlook in life can go a long way.

One of them is the veteran actress Ina Raymundo, she is one of the celebrities in their 40’s whose youthfulness and sexiness do not seem to fade. Recently, Ina Raymundo has celebrated her 43rd birthday. The hot momma still looks amazing as if she is a teenager and proves once again that age is just a number.

The ‘Sabado Nights’ lady just turned 43 and she is loving every single moment of it! The actress frequently shares on her Instagram updates in her life and the latest was the celebration of turning another year older.

While some people becomes frustrated most of the time and they are scared of the idea of getting older. For the actress, it is a cause for celebration, as she is aging like a fine wine.

Last December 9, the actress posted a video on Instagram where she was seen to be having fun on a hot and sultry photoshoot. You would not even think that this lady already has five children with her husband Brian Poturnak.

Want to know her secret in maintaining her youthful glow and perfect body? In an interview with ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Hotspot 2018, Ina Raymundo shared her beauty regimen and fitness secret.

“Kailangan lagi kang naka-aura pose, kailangan naka-angle kang ganyan. Tapos stomach in palagi, yung tipong hindi ka humihinga for a while,” she said with a laugh.

The actress also revealed the importance of moisturizing her skin to maintain her naturally beautiful face.

“I moisturize my skin every day. During the day, and before I go to bed. Super moisturized,” Ina said.

When she was asked if she still consumes rice, she said yes, and she also shares her food habits and secrets.

“I eat well. Of course, I eat one cup of brown rice pag lunch tapos one cup sa dinner. Tapos I eat bread, wheat bread sa breakfast and one cup of cereal din. For mid-morning snacks, bread with peanut butter tapos may banana.”

After that, the actress realizes that she hasn’t taken her dinner yet, that’s why she also emphasized how important it is to eat on time and not to skip a meal.

“I always eat on time. You know guys yun talaga common mistake ‘to [skipping lunch], ang dami kong nakikita. Nakakasira talaga ng metabolism yung ganon. And mas mayroon kang tendency to crave unhealthy foods.”

Lastly, she shared that the key to having a healthy and fit body is a balanced diet and a consistent workout.

During her birthday, Ina Raymundo shared on Instagram some photos of the celebration of her special day together with her family and beautiful kids.

While the friends and supporters of the actress wished her a happy birthday as they also admire her youthful look.

Source: showbizhub