How A Pizza Restaurant Worker’s Simple Act of Kindness Inspired People to Help Out Homeless Father and Daughter

In the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, a simple act of kindness has been witnessed by many. Posted by Privado Retes Donzike through a Facebook post, the internet world likewise learned about how a humble pizza restaurant worker became an inspiration for each and every one of us upon helping out a father and daughter he saw scavenging for food on the street.

Privado wrote in his post:
“We were dining at Shakey’s Calapan when I saw a Mangyan (an indigenous group of people to the Philippines) eating collected food from alms at the parking lot.

While we were so comfy with our food and cool place, the sight was so compassionate as he was sharing the food with his daughter amidst [the] scorching heat of the sun.

While the public seemed to ignore them, I was surprised when the rider approached them after parking his motorcycle. He was from a delivery. He invited them to the store’s party room and prepared pizza ingredients. Surprisingly, he taught the father how to make pizza for his daughter. The scene was so touching that dining guests started taking pictures.

We felt proud of how he was able to make the tribal man happy. He even gave him a hat and encouraged the latter to watch him cook pizza in the oven, without hesitation.
This scenario drew the interest of some guests: asking his name, how old his daughter is, how he was able to come to Calapan from Bulalaco (the farthest town of Mindoro). His miserable story triggered us to share some money and have some of our foods packed for Un-Eman (the minority’s name).”

The customers at the restaurant then started collecting money for the homeless father and daughter. The pizza parlor staff members also began something that the local customers just simply could not turn a blind eye to.

The staff member who goes by the name Joel Pacia, the man who first helped the father and child, became the so-called “catalyst for change” as mentioned on the said post.

They further wrote: “He inspired us to show sincere love to our less privileged brothers. Thanks to Shakey’s, specifically to him, for making us realize that true happiness is found in the unmeasurable, in the intangible. It is living with compassion that brings us our true happiness.”

This little act of kindness sparked a fire of love and compassion for the less fortunate. It only goes to show that a little kindness can go a long way, changing people’s lives forever.