Honest Filipino Driver Returns Lost Bag With 2 Million Cash to Passenger

Honesty is a concept that dates back to the foundations of human history. It is one of the primary attributes we seek in a person. Honesty is a way of life that provides us with the best policy possible and it’s always a breath of fresh air to witness it in the real world.

Take the humble Filipino motorcab driver, for example, who made it to the news headlines just recently after returning a bag containing P2 million, approximately US$38,000, to his passenger.

The driver’s honesty was shared on social media where it shortly went viral and garnered praises from countless of netizens all around the country. The story of Dennis Geverola, the honest motorcab driver, took place in Sogod, a small municipality in the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines.

Reportedly, Geverola “found the bag left in his vehicle” and was shocked to find out that it contained a huge amount of cash. He did not think twice to immediately take action and find his passenger. However, upon failing to do so, he proceeded to bring the bag to the local authorities instead. With their help, the owner of the bag was found and his valuables and money were returned.

The municipality’s mayor, Hon. Imelda Tan, could not help but share on her official social media account the good deed of Geverola.

The mayor wrote:

“On behalf of the Municipality of Sogod, I would like to commend the motorcab driver, Mr. Dennis Geverola for returning the bag that was left in his vehicle. The bag contained 2 million pesos in cash and other important documents. May God bless you!”

Given the fact that motorcab drivers like Geverola only earn income below the minimum, it is praiseworthy that he was not tempted to keep the money for himself. Thus, netizens admire him so much for returning the money.

This kind of stories is what we should see or hear more of every day as it absolutely restores our faith in humanity. Hopefully by Geverola’s good example, many will be inspired not only drivers like him but also the rest of us especially those who serve us in the government.

source: elitereaders