Do you Have One of These dreams? Here are the Meaning of It That You Should Know

There are a lot of people who have an experience of different types of dreams, such as flying, falling from the top of a building, there are also people who dream happy things.

But what does really are the meaning of these different types of dreams?

According to some experts that most of these dreams are linked to peoples emotions, feelings, personality, and manners.

Here are the 10 common nightmares and its explanations why you are having this kind of sleeping madness.

1. Falling

A subconscious feeling warning that something in your life is out of control. Can also be linked to disappointment and being let down by a trusted friend.

2. Being lost

Being lost in your dreams can mean you are lost or near losing direction in real life. Also, relates to fears about not fitting in.

3. Losing your teeth

Losing your teeth or hair can mean insecurity about appearance and interactions with others. Can also mean a feeling of helplessness.

4. Being Chased

A sign that you are avoiding something in your waking life and refusing to deal with your problems.

5. Naked in public

Often associated with feeling exposed or ashamed. Indicates social inadequacy, vulnerability and that some personal aspect is open to ridicule.

6. Spiders

Dreaming about spiders suggest you’re being manipulated or that you’re manipulating someone else.

7. Flying

If you’re in control, it indicates freedom and liberation. However, if you’re out of control it can relate to fears about not controlling your own destiny.

9. Partner cheating on you

Occurs when your partner isn’t paying you enough attention in real life. Probably means you should spend more time together.

10. Taking an Examination

Relates to fears about self-confidence. Indicates a sense of being tested, underprepared in life and not reaching one’s full potential.

How to prevent nightmares?

Controlling nightmares remains the largely uncharted territory, though there are few different schools of thought when it comes to managing bad dreams. For many people nightmares aren’t really a major nuisance, but if they do wake you up more than you’d like or you have trouble settling down afterward, here are some of the effective tips to prevent these from happening.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene
Talk or Write It Out
Deal with Daytime Stressors
Play Some Video Games
Get Help If Needed