Heartless Boss Rejects a Worker’s Leave Application Saying: “Will Your Mom Wake Up If You Attend Her Funeral?”

We’re all going to die one day, but being aware of it isn’t a bad thing. It shouldn’t be negative or depressing. However, when someone you love dies, it’s hard not to turn your life upside down.

Many of us would even take a leave of absence from work just to attend a wake or a funeral of a loved one. Sadly, not all bosses willingly empathize with their employees.

Recently, a man from Thailand shared a heartbreaking experience at his former job wherein his heartless boss did not allow him to attend his own mother’s funeral. What’s worse was he also received insults from the said boss instead of simply disapproving his request for a day-off.

“Will your mother wake up if you attend her funeral? If you don’t go, they will still proceed with the cremation, right? So, you’re not allowed to take leave!” the anonymous employer told the worker.

While as if not yet contented with his heartless decision, the boss of the Thai employee also threatened him that if he ever sneaked out and went to his mom’s funeral regardless, then the absence will be deducted from his salary.

Feeling upset and angry at his boss, the worker neither pursued nor convinced him to get his application for leave approved. What he did next leave the boss speechless. The employee wrote another letter, but this time around, he filed for resignation.

The said post garnered a lot of reactions from the netizens, but mostly sympathy over the worker’s situation. They slammed the boss for being inhumane and heartless. Besides, he must have felt what it’s like to lose a family member at one point or another in his life.

Some commenters said they were nowhere impressed by the boss’ supposedly tough guy persona. They added that, as their leader, he must learn how to balance and accommodate the needs of his employers.

source: buzzooks