Hardworking Student Sells Peanuts During His Free Time to Have an Extra Money to Support His Studies

In the past year, you will notice that several students are busy hanging out at clubs, spending money at computer shops, and drinking coffee at popular coffee shops. However, there are some who don’t have enough money to pay for their fees and unable to accommodate the necessities of life, so they have to work to support their studies and to have ample allowances for their daily needs.

One such hardworking student has earned praises and admiration from netizens after his photo goes viral on Facebook. He has been photographed by a social media user named Ric Dularte who was impressed by his determination to succeed in life.

This young man hails from Pangasinan, and he is a first-year Criminology student at the University of the Cordilleras in Baguio City, and you will see this student working during his spare time to earn extra money to support his studies and pay for his tuition fee.

Ric’s post about this unnamed student earned numerous reactions and admiration from netizens. Even Ric’s was impressed by this student’s patience and perseverance to earn money and to strive hard for his studies. According to Ric, this student brings a pail filled with peanut, and he sells it every day, and he is not ashamed of what he was doing.

In fact, he was proud of what he was doing he didn’t hide it from his peers and was not even bother with what other students might feel about it. In the morning he sells peanut at the school’s main campus then hurries to UC Legarda campus for his afternoon class.

Ric said that students like him deserve to receive a scholarship or free education so that they can study and achieve their dreams in life. Many are inspired with this student, he was a good example to other students who don’t want to study hard and just waste their money and time to unimportant things because they believe they can graduate college because they are rich.

Netizens wish and hope him that he would succeed in life, because of his hard work and determination they believe he will achieve his goals and become successful.

It is a valuable experience for teenagers to have jobs while they are students because they will learn to be responsible adults. They will have an appreciation of money, and they will learn about working with others. All of these traits will benefit them in the days to come, in responding to the realities of life.

source: rachfeed