Fishball Vendor Endure Everything Just To Send All His Four Daughters To College – Now he is a Proud Father

B*llying during our younger years is the most common thing that most of us had experienced. B*llying may come from your classmates or even your friends. They mostly tease you about your physical appearance and other capabilities.

However, there are some who were being b*llied due to their family’s financial status, and it hurts them more because it involves their family especially their loving parents.

One such story is from a Facebook user named Girlie Verzosa. Girlie shared on her Facebook account her experienced being b*llied and belittled in her younger years because her father is a fishball vendor.

Instead of being ashamed of his father’s work, it made Girlie more proud of her parent’s hard work, and she narrated it in her post. The said post of Girlie went viral on the Internet as it caught the attention of several netizens.

In Girlie’s post, she narrated how she was being b*llied in their school. They called her different names related to her parent’s way of living, and the worst part has they incorporated her face’s birthmark to a fish ball that her father sold.

She also added that one of her classmates described their house as “garbage” after they saw the fish ball cart his father uses.

But despite all the b*llying she suffered from her classmate, Girlie never showed to them that she was ashamed of her father’s job. Instead, she listened to his father’s word of wisdom and advice that being herself is more important than pretending to be someone else just to earn praises and friends.

Girlie finished her elementary education as the class salutatorian, and it was smack to all the people especially her classmates who b*llied her.

Girlie was the fourth and the youngest child of the fish ball vendor who graduated from college last June 30 along with her parents who also graduated from paying her tuition fees and other miscellaneous school expenses.

She also shared in her post the photo of his father’s fish ball cart and her parents wearing her toga, which is a sign of their family’s sweet success.

The proud fish ball vendor’s daughter ended her post by expressing gratitude to her parents after enduring years of hard work and sacrifices just to support their studies.

Girlie ended her post by expressing gratitude and so much appreciation to her parents’ support for her studies after their years of hard work and sacrifices.