Engineer’s Handwritten Thesis From the ’80s Goes Viral and Impresses Netizens

While college students these days stress over making their thesis or other documents required of them despite today’s era of technology, imagine just how students from the past survived completing their thesis literally by hand!

A netizen named Randel Tablada shared on Twitter several photos of his father’s handwritten engineering thesis way back from the ’80s. Upon checking the Table of Contents which showed the paper’s at least 170 pages, netizens could not contain their amazement for the handwritten piece.

Photo credits: @randeltablada / Twitter

Writing such a very important document may be uncommon especially in this modern day and age, but during the student days of Randel’s dad, Engr. Almar Tablada, it was very typical as they were left with no choice.

According to Engr. Tablada who was then a BS Mechanical Engineering student, he started writing his thesis by hand at the beginning of the semester. He spent all his weeknights writing and working on the thesis from 10 in the evening to 2 in the morning the next day. Of course, it was a slow and a tiresome process because he had to be sure that there wasn’t any alteration or mistake made, otherwise, he had to redo the whole page from the start.

Photo credits: @randeltablada / Twitter

The 57-year-old engineer currently works at the Bureau of Equipment of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Naguilian, Isabela and was surprised upon learning about his son’s post going viral and his handwritten thesis becoming an internet sensation.

Apparently, the thesis posted by his son was just one of the two handwritten books he made for his course, as divulged by Engr. Almar. The one that Randel posted was about a coal-fired thermal power plant while the other one he also made was about a combined diesel-electric power plant and hydroelectric power plant.

Photo credits: @randeltablada / Twitter

During an interview with When in Manila, he said that making those books was a challenge because not only were they both handwritten, he also had to use his engineering skills as well as his imagination to create the power plants in his theses because he had never been to an actual power plants in real life back then.

Photo credits: @randeltablada / Twitter

Engr. Almar was only able to visit a real power plant when he was already working. He was absolutely proud that the design he made previously actually looked like the real one. With his thesis becoming a hit on the internet, Engr. Almar was overwhelmed with gratitude as he treasures and keeps those books which still look like new after so many years have passed.

source: rachfeed