Engaged Couple Shares Their Cute Love Story on Social Media Which Started in the Sixth Grade

Everyone has their fair share of crushes or puppy love back in the primary or secondary school days. However, these feelings of romantic and platonic love do not last long most of the time that it becomes rare to chance upon a couple who’s been childhood sweethearts and ends up spending the rest of their lives together.

For one lucky netizen, a love story with her grade-school crush deserves rounds on social media.

Ameety Borromeo shared on Facebook how she first got together with her Grade 6 crush prior to being engaged with him a few months back this year. The couple, Ameety and Sam Dayao Aniciete, had known each other from a very young age. As a matter of fact, they were preschool classmates but it was during the sixth grade in 2001 that the two felt a mutual attraction towards each other.

Photo credits: Ameety Borromeo | Facebook

Although at the time, their puppy love did not prosper into something more intimate because Ameety had other priorities and was not ready to have a boyfriend yet while Sam did not have the guts to ask her to be his girlfriend. Nonetheless, the two held on to their feelings in spite of the absence of a label in their relationship.

Photo credits: Ameety Borromeo | Facebook

“Sam was there, courting me until we were 16. We were exclusive but not official. Our classmates noticed and wondered why I am still not saying yes to Sam and I told them, ‘Hindi naman kasi ako tinatanong,'” Ameety later divulged.

In 2004, the two officially became a couple, but the journey to engagement was rather a little too long for them.

Photo credits: Ameety Borromeo | Facebook

“Despite separating schools for college, Sam and I managed to get through it all. We were bestfriends. We were partners. Others always think ours is the #relationshipgoals but what we have is not perfect. There are many good days but there were also bad days where we argue and fight. For 14 years of being together, trust me it has been a good roller coaster ride. We made it through the 3rd, 5th and 7th year itch, had our “One More Chance” moment, and even almost gave up on each other but I am thankful that God always finds a way to let us be together. If anything, the up and downs made us stronger as a couple.”

Photo credits: Ameety Borromeo | Facebook

On their 10th anniversary celebration in 2014, Ameety expected Sam to finally propose to her but sadly, he didn’t which caused a major heartbreak to the young woman. For years, the couple had big and small arguments here and there.

Photo credits: Ameety Borromeo | Facebook

“Kung mayaman lang ako noon pa kita pinakasalan,” Sam assured her. “Please hintayin mo lang ako.”

Several weeks after their 14th anniversary and a few days before her 30th birthday, Ameety got her long-time dream at last – in the least expected way. Sam officially proposed to her!

“From a journal entry of a 12-year old girl on her pink diary in 2001 to writing her love story 17 years after to share how her first and true love has surpassed the relationship itches, the arguments and the frustrations and how such a love would stand as a living testimony to the “Love is patient” verse in the Bible. My heart is full and I am writing with happy tears. I am beyond happy to say that everything is now starting to fall in the right places,” Ameety shared.