Delivery Guy Angers Netizens After Being Caught on Surveillance Camera Eating a Customer’s Food Inside an Elevator

Imagine this: you are impatiently waiting for the food that you ordered online and tracking the delivery boy’s approach. When the food parcel finally arrives, you notice the portion served is far too smaller than what you were promised.

In such cases, you either get a replacement from the food company or you are left with no option other than eating the delivered food. But what if your food was half eaten by the delivery executive? Is such a thing possible? The answer is yes.

A video of a delivery personnel from China eating customers’ food has gone viral on social media. The concerned person was fired by the food company for his alleged unethical conduct.

While riding up an elevator in the Guangdong city of Sihui, an employee of the popular food delivery app Meituan was caught on surveillance camera recently helping himself to a customers food.

Inside the lift, the man is seen eating from a plastic container before covering the container back up and quickly slurping down some soup before the elevator comes to a stop at the correct floor.

Mr. Xu, the public relations officer for Meituan in southern China, confirmed that the delivery man was eating food destined for customers. The delivery executive has now been fired by Meituan, one of China’s most popular food app companies.

“So far, we have already fired the employee and notified the whole food delivery industry,” said Xu. “He would be banned from the business,” Xu added that the company took responsibility for the incident and had compensated the customer.

“We offer our sincerest apologies. We will then strengthen the discipline and training of food delivery men in all delivery spots around the nation, and promote the proper sealing of delivery food.”

Apparently, this is not the first time a food delivery guy lost his job because of an elevator surveillance cam. Last year, one worker was caught on camera taking a bite out of a customer’s food before spitting that food back up while another was seen drinking a customer’s soup and replacing the liquid with his own piss.

source: rachfeed