Dad Who Sells Ballpens for His Children’s Education Goes Viral on Social Media

A father plays a very important role in a family. Unfortunately, in most of the families, fathers are not involved in their children’s lives at the same level as mothers. Moreover, it is often noticed that being a great dad doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But this shouldn’t be the case because according to science, everything you do as a father will impact your children.

It is proved that nothing impacts a child like the love of a father. One dad from the Philippines shows his love for his children through hard work. Tatay Jun goes around Metro Manila and hops into different buses in order to sell pens. This is his way of earning money for his children’s education and to support the daily needs of his family.

For a guy his age, his job may seem an unusual way to make a living, but Tatay Jun does not mind as long as he can earn some money for his family. A Facebook user who goes by the name Hub Pacheco shared a photo of the hardworking dad on the popular Facebook page Top Gear Philippines which has then gone viral.

Tatay Jun gives out typewritten notes, each with a price list for his products: ballpen (P10), sign pen (P30), and a marker pen (P35). The note also says:

“Pasensya na po sa abala. Ako po si Jun lumalapit lang po sa inyo at kumakatok sa inyong puso na sana po bumili po kayo ng aking tinda na ballpen. Ito lang po ang alam kong mabuting paraan upang mapagtapos ko ang aking mga anak sa pag-aaral at sa gastusin sa araw-araw. Thank you. May God bless you.”

Netizens expressed their admiration for Tatay Jun, hoping that many more will patronize the pens he is selling so he can continuously provide for his family and no one among his kids would ever need to stop attending school.

source: rachfeed