Couple Who Met on a Dating Site Discovers They Were Preschool Sweethearts 30 Years Ago

For Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders, love starts with an instant attraction. The couple from St. Petersburg, Florida knew they were perfect for each other, but when Justin saw a picture of Amy at preschool, he was shocked beyond belief.

The two first met at Sunshine Preschool where they shared a “shy” schoolyard romance when they were three years old. They liked chasing each other on the playground, playing with legos, and sitting together at lunch. The young sweethearts were totally inseparable.

Photo credits: Amy Giberson 

But, as first loves tend to do, they drifted apart. They attended different middle schools and secondary schools. Amy even moved away to study at college, and they soon forgot about each other. That is until 30 years later when Justin ran across Amy on an online dating website.

By the time Amy was 32, she had returned home to St. Petersburg to try and build a new life. Just like her, Justin was on a similar quest and leave the past behind him after a tragic love story. Just a couple of years earlier, he was engaged and due to moving in with his fiancee, Adrienne Roberts. However, the night before their moving-in date, Adrienne was murdered.

Photo credits: Amy Giberson 

Justin was still grieving but felt ready to move on with his life. While looking for love, Justin signed up to an online dating site and soon came across Amy’s profile. It wasn’t long before her beautiful pictures, and captivating profile caught Justin’s attention.

After delving into more about each other’s pasts, the two realized that they had both attended Sunshine Preschool – a fact they had never divulged during their relationship before. It was only after a year of dating that the couple realized they had been childhood loves so many years ago. And after spending “two wonderful years” dating, the forever loves exchanged vows in their hometown in front of 200 friends and family.

Photo credits: Amy Giberson 

“I truly feel it was fate!” said Amy. “Our hearts met at the age of 3, and we had our own journeys to go through for 30 years, but ultimately our hearts were meant to love each other. Everyone wants a dream love story, and somehow it happened to us!”

The fairytale romance didn’t stop there. On June 5, they welcomed their first baby together, a “breathtakingly beautiful” boy named Conrad. “The stars really had to align for everything to happen,” said Amy. Their love story and family finally feel “complete”.

source: elitereaders