Comedian K’ Brosas Surprises Her god Daughter Malia with a Gift But Pokwang Laughed At It

It´s Holiday seasons again, it is the time of spending more time with family and friends and of course, sharing and giving gifts.

Who´s not excited about these days? People of all ages, whether young or older are very much looking forward to this day to come.

Christmas day passed but still, the presence of giving is observed to many Filipinos, like Ninang K Brosas gave her present to her god-daughter, Malia. But on an unexpectedly, Ninang Angelica Panganiban also gave Malia a gift which happened to be the same as to Ninang K.

Malia is Pokwang´s first baby daughter to her American husband, Lee O´Brian. Last January 18, Lee posted a photo of her daughter Malia on Pokwang´s arms together with Pokwang´s teen daughter from her past previous relationship.

“This morning at 8:28 am Manila time, the most beautiful little angel came into our world, our Baby Malia!!” Quoted from Lee.

A day after Christmas, Malia is already 11 months old and her Ninang K visited their home and prepared a gift for her. Pokwang and K both shared videos on their Instagrams when K is revealing her present to Malia. Looking at the video, while K is showing her gift to the baby, Pokwang walked in holding the same gift from Angelica.

On her surprise, K asked ” Kanino galing yan, bat pareho kami?” And then laughed. Pokwang answered her with a joke saying that it is a sign for a new baby coming to their family while looking to her husband.

K Brosas added to her post saying, “Yung excited ka sa gift ni ninang @kbrosas tapos may eksena pala gift ni ninang @iamangelicap hahhaahhahaa”.

After posting the video, netizens found this very funny by the two actress reacting on what happened and describing this very ”kwela”.

A compilation of videos was posted on the Youtube Channel of Pinoy New Channel of gift giving of K Brosas, Pokwang’s celebration of Christmas, and the Christmas gift giving of Lee to street people.

Netizens extended their greetings to the celebrities by commenting appreciations to the shared videos on Instagram.

Watch Video Here: