Check Out These Filipina Artist Who Has pretty Face Even Without Makeup

Putting some art on our faces would truly bring out the beauty we have and boost our self-confidence.

But who’s more beautiful than a girl wearing no makeup at all but still makes everyone smile when seeing her so beautiful? Here are some celebrities who prove that their beauty is natural even without loads of makeup on:

1. Elisse Joson

Elisse has this pinkish au naturel glow with her bare skin. Complimenting this asset is her beautiful talking-eyes and rosy cheeks.

2. Julia Barretto

Everyone, Julia is a Baretto so no wonder she really has a goddess looking face. From her mom and her aunts, generally, she was from a genetic line of gorgeous looking faces that runs on her family. She was once called as the “Selfie Queen” of Instagram in the Philippines for her beautiful self-portraits wearing no make-ups at all.

3. Iza Calzado

Iza is not just a pretty face, but she also flaunts her beautiful morena skin making her so attractive. Losing weight was one of Iza’s problem and later on changed into a healthier lifestyle and being a “body positivity “ advocate. According to her, she feels more confidently beautiful without makeup rather than she has.

4. Alice Dixson

Alice is a living paradox of her age. Can you tell that she’s turning 50 next year? After years of not showing herself to the showbiz industry, she finally come back and gone active to her showbiz career.

Her physical body was the sane as she were years ago like she doesn’t get old at all. Alice has an active lifestyle that makes her keep looking young and fresh on her age. Try to check her IG account to see it yourself.

5. Ina Raymundo

Since Ina is really into working out and almost spending most of her days burning and sweating, she never wears makeup at all. Good thing, Ina is perfectly beautiful and doesn’t need any makeup.

6. Kristel Fulgar

Young actress Kristel doesn’t just have a beautiful voice but also has beautiful glass-skin. She is a fan of outdoor activities that she prefers wearing no make up. Luckily she’s naturally beautiful.