Check Out The Stunning Pre-debut Photos Of The Legaspi Twins, Mavy And Cassy!

The ‘supertwins’ of Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel stole the netizens’ attention when their pre-debut shoot photos surface the internet. Mavy and Cassy Legaspi are now ready to celebrate their 18th birthday in the most luxurious and stylish way ever.

Because of their recent photos, many netizens can’t help but wait for more teasers and their much awaited big day for the twins to officially turn 18 years old this January 6, 2019.

Turning 18 officially marks the end of childhood that’s why this is also an important moment for the celebrant and their family. This is also a symbol of slowly ascending into adulthood, which actually means more responsibilities, opportunities, and of course freedom to choose what life they want to live. For celebrities, lavish and opulent parties are often prepared for such occasions.

Because of these teaser posts from Nice Print Photography, that creates a hype because of the mysterious pre-debut photo shoot of Cassy and Mavy, people are now excited to find out what the twins’ debut party is going to be like.

On Instagram, they have uploaded an extremely beautiful photo of the twins, with the caption, “Side by side, twins connected by the heart. @mavylegaspi and @cassy Pre 18th birthday shoot. Shot at @theconceptroomstudio”

The mysterious vibe of their shoot and the intricate details of their outfits made Cassy and Mavy looked like Hollywood stars.

Along with that, it is also a perfect way to ease them into local showbiz and introduce them to the public.

Look at the way Mavy and Cassy carry themselves, so regal and royal, their looks fit them well. These kids who first starred in our favorite ice cream commercials are now grown up and they can’t wait to show more of their matured side.

The celebrity parents also take pride in whom their children have turned out to be, they looked just as expensive and polished as they joined their twins in the photo. “Beautiful Legaspi family! Getting all excited for the twins’ @mavylegaspi and @cassy Pre-debut / pre 18th birthday shoot at @theconceptroomstudio #niceprintdebut.”

All their fans and supporters are excited to know what’s next for the twins. They are also waiting for the upcoming 18th birthday of the twins next year. Last July, the Legaspi twins signed a contract with GMA Artists Center and they chose to work under the same network with their parents, for great reasons.

“Of course, I want to work with my parents, instead of commercials, maybe shows. I want to see how that would look like,” Cassy said.

“They’ve been a big inspiration in my life and I’ve always thought about it, being in a show with them,” she also added.

We can only wish nothing but happiness and more blessings for these two young adults on their birthday.